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I feel that I can’t just have a blog filled with gorgeous women without somewhat explaining myself.

The idea of a fantasy draft was originally thought of while on summer vacation in Barcelona. Prior to leaving, I began working at my local arena where I was constantly being exposed to different singers and celebrities. Perhaps a little delusional at the time, I saw this as my opportunity to meet a beautiful celebrity and have a story that I could tell my friends for years to come. My buddy who was traveling with me decided that it was not fair for me to monopolize the entire music industry, and so the draft was created.

Although we only started off with two teams, we would later hold an expansion draft of sorts to allow another one of our close friends to get in on the fun. Along the way, we came up with different rules and restrictions that we would have to adhere to, but the basics were fairly set: girls that were drafted became off limits to the other two guys.

“David’s Fantasy Team” is my blog about my fantasy draft picks. I feel it’s important to stress that our draft by no means intends to objectify the women selected. I hope you get a kick out of reading it.



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