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I feel that I can’t just have a blog filled with gorgeous women without somewhat explaining myself. The idea of a fantasy draft was originally thought of while on summer vacation in Barcelona. Prior to leaving, I began working at my local arena where I was constantly being exposed to different singers and celebrities. Perhaps … Continue reading

Marielle Jaffe

Although Marielle Jaffe is still working her way up the Hollywood ladder, her role in Scream 4 should ensure that she becomes a household name in no time. If you want more, head over to Men’s Health to see a behind-the-scenes video of her recent photoshoot.

David “steals” Marielle Jaffe from Evan

Draft pick procured from previous trade used to select Marielle Jaffe.

David “steals” Marielle Jaffe from Evan

David chose to use the draft pick that he procured from the Jennifer Morrison trade to “steal” Evan’s latest draft pick, Marielle Jaffe. With this pick, David essentially establishes a monopoly over the girls of Scream 4, the latest movie in the horror series. Although the former model is still working her way up the … Continue reading

Kate Upton teaches me how to Dougie

As part of the first of a series of blog posts, here’s a popular video of my personal favorite pick in this year’s fantasy draft! I couldn’t stand the hit by Cali Swag District until I saw this video, but now I can’t seem to get enough. This girl is sure to gain massive popularity … Continue reading

Jennifer Morrison Traded

David countered Evan’s original offer, which included the likes of Natalie Portman and Kelly Brook, with Jennifer Morrison for 1 draft pick. The rules for the draft pick are that David can essentially steal any one, future pick from Evan if he so chooses. There is no date by which the draft pick must be … Continue reading

Jennifer Morrison Traded

Jennifer Morrison traded for 1 draft pick.